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We are the nation's leading labor relations firms, helping businesses manage change in the workplace. We are experienced forward-thinkers who combine hands-on success solving difficult human resources and labor and human resources challenges, with new strategic solutions for keeping the workforce connected to the goals of the organization.

Change is the watchword of the future. Old boundaries are gone. Markets are moving faster than ever before. While organizations can't predict the future, they can be ready for whatever it brings by using the best communications and human resources practices to educate, motivate and align their employees to new operating realities.

We have helped hundreds of clients from small businesses to Fortune 100 corporations achieve employee buy-in for new business realities, often in come-from-behind situations. To better serve our clients' needs, we have become more versatile in our capabilities. While we continue to offer the most effective labor relations and campaign management services, we have integrated them with communications strategies, interactive workplace skills, and change management solutions. We too have changed by recruiting top-ranked management professionals and expanding our network of alliance partners.

In the crowded field of management consultants, one key factor sets us apart - our experience at successfully reconnecting employees and management under the most difficult circumstances. While the marketplace continues to coin buzz words for change management, these terms simply describe the skills and concepts that Labor Diverse has been practicing successfully on the front lines of the changing workplace for years.

Let us help you reconnect your workforce.

Value Proposition

For the majority of our clients, the single largest operating expense is labor costs. Our objective is to help clients create and implement strategic responses to workplace change which achieve increased profits and higher levels of service while ensuring that the goals of the employees and the organization remain aligned.


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